Our Mission:

Mid-Michigan Motorcyclist is a group of Harley-Davidson enthusiast. It is open to all riders of Harley-Davidson motorcycles and their significant others. We provide a year round schedule of events where participation is voluntary, you can be as active as you want. If this sounds like something you are interested in come join us at one of our many events. Look at our schedule and just show up, or contact us with your questions.

Time for sleeveless T’s and feeling the warm breeze!  Seems like winter left and summer skipped spring! April showers barely dampened May! Now the challenge is balancing work and riding, (maybe the lawn mower seat more than the motorcycle). I am sure going to have to get used to seeing long grass when I come back from a ride!

All eyes, all ears, all the time.  Gotta keep an eye out for the cagers, they are not yet used to seeing so many motorcycles out sharing the road with them.  They may even have to look up from the texting.  Let's all just assume that they aren’t looking and plan ahead for a way out or around those that aren’t looking for us. Remember to S.E.E., (Search, Evaluate, Execute).

Riding really does help reduce stress, in non congested areas, and for that reason I will keep putting my face in the wind!

Now get out there and Ride!

Guy Elsenheimer
Executive Director
Mid-Michigan Motorcyclist

Pic: I've got one in my yard, do you?