Our Mission:

Mid-Michigan Motorcyclist is a group of Harley-Davidson enthusiast. It is open to all riders of Harley-Davidson motorcycles and their significant others. We provide a year round schedule of events where participation is voluntary, you can be as active as you want. If this sounds like something you are interested in come join us at one of our many events. Look at our schedule and just show up, or contact us with your questions.

Well, after a much-miscalculated end of winter by “Phil” the ground hog, it seems the riding season is finally here!  You will still need to suit up with the “cool weather” gear, but the snow banks have melted enough to allow reasonably safe riding conditions.
Safe riding conditions, hmm, let’s talk a little about that.  When we are in a group, we ride staggered, except when road conditions will not allow safe passage in your designated area, (i.e. potholes).  It seems we in Michigan are paying more and more in registration fees, license fees, and gasoline tax to improve and maintain our roads.  Don’t know about you but I am not really feeling/seeing improvement or good maintenance.  Let the rider beware!  When you are not allowed to ride staggered due to obstacles or poor conditions feel free to maneuver to a safer surface to ride on.  Please allow additional distance between you and the rider directly in front of you.  Keep your head on a swivel and watch for other obstacles.  I have seen a lot of deer so far this year, that may interfere with the success of a great ride.

Keep ridin and Keep smiling!

Guy Elsenheimer
Executive Director
Mid-Michigan Motorcyclist

Pictured above “The Ice Breakers”
Riders of our first dinner ride for 2018